We manage waste, we take care of the environment

Marcel Navarro i Fills, SL is a company specialized in the management and treatment of waste: collection, recovery and recycling of all types of materials. We manage the whole process: from the collection of domestic or individual waste to obtaining the raw material that will serve to make other objects through the product already recycled.

We have a fleet of specialized vehicles for each type of material that you want to recycle. If it's necessary we provide you with suitable containers. Our trajectory has led us to work with a great name of clients, to whom we have offered the necessary services to achieve its objectives. The certifications we have and the years of experience are a guarantee of well done job.

The natural resources of our planet are limited and recycling is important for the conservation and sustainability of the environment, which has to allow us to have natural resources for much longer.


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Llagostera (Girona)

More info: www.recuperacionsnavarro.com